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Asterisk Dialplan Commands

Here is a list of all the commands that you can use in your Dialplan (extensions.conf). You can obtain your Asterisk””s list of available applications at the CLI by typing “show applications” and “show application “.


* An … Read more

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Asterisk config extensions.conf

  • extensions.conf – This is your Dialplan

The configuration file “extensions.conf” contains the “dial plan” of Asterisk, the master plan of control or execution flow for all of its operations. It controls how incoming and outgoing calls are handled and … Read more

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PrePaid CallingCard IVR Sample Application

# PrePaid CallingCard IVR <a id="_GPLITA_0" title="Powered by Text-Enhance" href="">Application</a> for Asterisk PBX
use Asterisk::AGI;
use DBI;

# Config options
%MYSQL = (
hostname =&gt; "localhost",
username =&gt; "username",
password =&gt; "password",
database =&gt; "asteriskdb"

$dbh = DBI-&gt;connect("dbi:mysql:$MYSQL{database}:$MYSQL{hostname}","$MYSQL{username}","$MYSQL{password}")
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