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Javascript window.print() compatible mozswing 2.0 xulrunner native library.


Replace the existing native library of mozswing 2.0 beta 2 with the following native library. This version is same as of mozswing 2.0 beta2 except, it support javascript windows.print() command.
Patched and compiled by Shishir Pokharel.

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Create a pojo class of Json objects [using jackson]

//1. create a class to map the json data e.g
import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonAnyGetter;
import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonAnySetter;
import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonCreator;
import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonProperty;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;

* @author Shishir Pokharel
public class model {

// and then "other" stuff:
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JIAXClient using IAXclient Java version of IAXclient

JIAXClient is a library for IAX (Inter Asterisk eXchange) clients written in Java by Mikael Magnusson. It is based on IAXClient, and uses a JNI library for interfacing with Java.

Most of the sources are GPL licensed, … Read more

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Persistence with Java SE an example

1. Create a Entity Class {}

import javax.persistence.Entity;
import javax.persistence.Id;

@Entity // Make Employee Class into an entity by annotate the class with @Entity.
public class Employee {
@Id private int id; //property that holds the persistent identity of 
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