How to debug mozswing Xulrunner native (c/c++) code.

Ω First follow my previous blog “How to compile xulrunner c++ source code for mozswing under windows OS.” 
on Step 5 of my previous blog add following line under conf/mozconfig-part-debug or under any other mozconfig-part-XXXX file.
ac_add_options –enable-debug

Ω Now compile xulrunner as instructed on previous blog.

Ω Once the compilation process it over, copy the generated runtime files from /build/dist folder to your mozswing application library path.

Ω Extract the to xulrunner folder.
Example :\Application path\lib\native\win32\xulrunner\Microsoft.VC80.DebugCRT

Ω Now every time you access mozswing java library, you will get the native code debugging info on the console.

ΩΩHappy debugging ;)ΩΩ

Download file:

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