How to compile xulrunner c++ source code for mozswing under windows OS.

Step 1
Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (32 bit).
Note : I have tested this only with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 on windows XP.

Step 2
Download and install MozillaBuild.
Download Mozilla Build

Also ensure you have installed all the necessary tools and setup the build environment as described at…

Step 3
Download src of XUL runner from mozswing repository
Download src folder

Step 4
Edit xulrunner19-build/conf/envconfig-win32 and provide java path;
Example : export JAVA_HOME=c\:/Program\ Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_23/

Step 5
Edit xulrunner19-build/conf/mozconfig-part-common , xulrunner19-build/conf/mozconfig-part-debug , xulrunner19-build/conf/mozconfig-part-debug ,xulrunner19-build/ conf/mozconfig-part-win32 to pass build paramaters,
Example of build parameters are;

–>ac_add_options –disable-tests
–>ac_add_options –enable-debug
–>ac_add_options –enable-logging

–>ac_add_options –enable-debug
–>ac_add_options –disable-optimize

and so on.. more options can be found on

Step 6
Open “start-msvc8.bat” it is located on the install folder on Step 2. i.e Mozilla Build Setup.

Step 7
Navigate to the xulrunner19-build/ folder and run ./ conf/envconfig-win32

This script will extract the xulrunner source from xulrunner19-build/src , applies the patches located on same folder and creates three folders compile, dist and src under xulrunner19-build/build. If everything works fine then it will generate a runnable xul files under dist folder which you can deploy with mozswing beta2.0 java code.

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